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Trane XR13 Air Conditioner

Air Conditioners

Summer is for relaxing, not fighting the heat. A Trane air conditioning system gives you comfort and efficiency, guaranteeing a cooler home all season long. You can rest assured day or night, you and your family will be comfortable without worrying about your next energy bill.

Trane Natural Gas Furnace

Natural Gas Furnaces

A natural gas furnace changes gas to heat. The majority of modern homes choose gas furnaces alongside central heating and air conditioning. Take into account; you can only use a gas furnace if you have a gas line hooked up to your home. Trane furnaces are guaranteed to keep your home warmer, your bills lower, and make those winter months a little more pleasant.

Trane Heat Pump

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps give a heating solution for homes with no access to natural gas. If you need a dependable, efficient solution for heating and cooling, you’re in the right place. As the name implies, heat pumps move heat from one location to another. Even in the air that appears cold, heat energy is present. When it’s cold outside, heat pumps obtain outside heat and transfer it inside. When it’s warm outside, they reverse this process to push unwanted heat outside.

Trane XR13 Air Conditioner

Oil Furnaces

Some older homes, particularly in the northeast, use oil as their fuel. Oil furnaces will keep you warm when the temperature drops during the winter months. These furnaces give reliable heat from a clean-burning fuel. During the summer, the furnace shuts off its burners and works with your heat pump or air conditioner to distribute cool air.

Trane XR13 Boiler


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